”An effective vaccine would change a lot”
Manouk Vrieling – Veterinarian / PhD student
”True research drive: curiosity and creativeness”
Jos van Putten – Coordinator Infection & Immunity Utrecht focus program / Professor Infection Biology
”Dare to think beyond existing paradigms”
Esther Nolte-‘t Hoen – Scientist / Assistant professor
”Bridging two disciplines”
András Spaan – Medical microbiologist in training / PhD student


We are all about cooperation in I&I research!

The Infection & Immunity community in Utrecht is a platform that enables joint training of young scientists, provides the needed critical mass and visibility, and allows for interdisciplinary research as well as joint investment in facilities.

Medical Care

The Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht work together in the field of education and research into patient care. The various tasks are carried out at UMC Utrecht site and under the responsibility of UMC Utrecht.


Education in the field of Infection and Immunity is embedded in The Graduate School of Life Sciences. The school organises all Utrecht University Master’s and PhD programmes focused on micro-organisms, plants, animals, humans, the molecules of life, and health & disease. Yearly, the Utrecht Summerschool offers a course “Infection meets Immunity”.

Research Organization

I&I Utrecht integrates research groups from the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine/ UMC Utrecht. In the UMC Utrecht research is concentrated in six programs. The research in the Infection & Immunity programme is translational and focused on common pathogenic mechanisms relevant for infection and immunity diseases on dynamics of pathogen transmission. Within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine the Infection & Immunity research programme is part of the One Health theme. The research groups working on Prokaryotic Microbiology, Crystal and Structural Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology are within the Faculty of Science contribute their state-of-the-art technology to the infection and immunity community.

Research Themes

Infection & Immunity Utrecht offers a diverse range of research themes within the community. Go to research themes link overview page.


Jos van Putten Professor Infection Biology / coordinator I&I focus program
Esther Nolte-'t Hoen scientist / Assistant professor
Manouk Vrieling Veterinarian / PhD student
András Spaan Medical microbiologist in training / PhD student



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